River Hills Hunting Days:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
For information on meets on call our Hunt Recorder at (717) 786-1894

Subscription Details
                       Riding Family-$2185.00                       
Non- Riding Connection-$250.00
Capping children (Under 18 no fee accompanied by an adult subscriber)

It takes your help and finical support to make this hunt successful.  To make a contribution to our hunt, please mail a check to River Hills Foxhounds or click on the link below.

We offer a number of meets for our hunt.  Please see contact us for more information about our meets.


Red Pump               Down Patrick               Funnel Lake               Wiles               Fox Mill               Mt. Rocky               Tree Farm               Dog Box             Herr's Stone Lane
Whizards Lair Farm               Octorara Farms

Checks payable to :
River Hills Foxhounds

626 Pumping Station Rd.
Kirkwood, PA 17536

Through the generosity, hospitality and goodwill of the landowners, we are able to hunt on private land.  Take care when you are riding ,watch for planted fields and soft ground, stay to the edge and please stay with the field master.