The Hunt Horse

The most important qualities in a field hunter are safety and stamina.  The horse should go quietly in a group, stop without a fight, stand patiently at checks, wait its turn to jump and jump without refusal. The horse should also be mannerly on the ground, trailer easily and be able to stand tied.  Horses who have been used to trail ride and go cross country riding make the best hunt horses.  If you are new to the sport we suggest that you start by cubbing to allow you and your horse both time to settle in and get in proper form.  If you horse is in training it is advised to tie a green ribbon on it's tail so fellow riders know your horse is green.

Your horse should arrive at the meet clean, neatly trimmed, and properly tacked up.  As cold weather approaches your horses shoes should be either fitted with studs or treated with borium to assure adequate traction on slick surfaces or roads. 

Always allow distance between horses and avoid kicking incidences.   Any horse that is known to kick should be kept at the rear and must be marked with a red ribbons in its tail warning to other riders. 

When the hounds, Huntsman, Masters or other members of staff pass by, always point your horses head toward them, never the rear end. 

Hunting Tack

Hunting tack is not fancy.  General hunter my have a flat bridle with no embellishment, a standing martingale, breastplate, fitted saddle pad, and a sufficient bit for stopping your horse.  Hunting tack should be well-kept and fitted to your horse.  All tack should be checked thoroughly after each meet to look for rips or tears.